Ourika Soap cares for the environment and for your skin. We use only eco-friendly, organic materials, and the limited waste we produce is reused as detergent. All our ingredients are plant-based essential oils and lotions, or natural clays and spices. Our soaps are handmade with care, using the traditional cold saponification process, which conserves glycerin to naturally soften and moisturize the skin. This method also helps protect our climate by requiring very little water and heat, and banishing all synthetic, harmful materials. 

 Ourika Soap strives to preserve ancient Moroccan bathing traditions and make them accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Our soaps contain authentic Arabian spices and herbs, as wells nourishing oils and natural exfoliators, familiar features of Moroccan Hammams. At Ourika, the Berber women of Morocco inspire us, sharing their rituals and culture. We seek to give back to their community by helping them establish themselves as soapmakers.