About Us

Moroccan born, raised in Canada and France, Sophie Wizmann enjoyed a multi-cultural and international background from an early age. Her diversity in upbringing and travel would become one of her greatest assets and unique contributions as she created and obtained educational and business success for herself.

Sophie Wizmann now resides in Los Angeles, California where she handmakes Ourika Soaps. While visiting the Ourika Valley to reconnect with her roots, Sophie experienced the luxury of Moroccan Hammams, and bathed in the Ourika river, gazing up at the Atlas Mountains. This ethereal, breathtaking experience inspired Sophie to create Ourika soap, to celebrate her Moroccan heritage and modernize these age old rituals by combining them with Western self care.

Sophie has an extensive background in the fashion industry - as Brand Manager, Marketing VP, and owner of the luxury clothing line, Sophie’s love for fashion knows no bounds. This, coupled with her passion for cooking, especially with Moroccan spices and herbs, makes Sophie’s venture into soap making and cosmetics a natural progression. Sophie’s profound connection to Morocco and genuine love for fashion and cooking help render our soaps innovative and unique.