La Boîte N°10


La Boîte N°10 by Ourika Soap contains the entirety of our current selection of soaps, featuring fresh florals, aromatic wood, pure powders and clays, and authentic Moroccan herbs. This tasteful box displays 10 soaps, each one sprinkled with unique dried flowers and leaves, creating a gorgeous Mediterranean palette. La Boîte N°10 will incorporate effortless variety and authenticity into your skincare routine, giving you an unforgettable taste of Morocco.

Soaps included: Eucalyptus, Rose Petals, Arabian Musk, Bergamot, Wild Geranium, Rhassoul Clay, Mediterranean Marjoram, Atlas Cedarwood, Charcoal and Green Tea Clove.

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    Includes: 10 Casablanca Bars.

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